Nedeczky Dóra



Best Pitch Award at COCO Connecting Cottbus – East-West CoProduction Market 2014

TFFF post-production grant for ‘Opening’ at 13 th Transilvania International Film Festival 2014 Atlantic Group Award for ‘Holiday at the Seaside’ at 19 th Sarajevo Film International Festival 2013

Best Pitch and Best Project Award at ENGAGE Program 2011

Special Mention of the Jury at the Robert Bosch Co-Production Prize 2011


Dora Nedeczky is a Hungarian producer working between Tallinn and Budapest, founder of the art film production company Mindwax. With a background in aesthetics and film theory her recent projects include analog experimental works from Peter Strickland (a long-term, short-form collaborator) and found-footage auteur Péter Lichter. Strickland’s GUO4 (2019, Venice) and Cold Meridian (2020, San Sebastian) were both selected to PÖFF and their segment in horror anthology THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL (2018) premiered at SXSW. Lichter’s experimental documentary EMPTY HORSES (2019) was at IFFR and Jihlava, and his latest (co-directed with Bori Máté), THE PHILOSOPHY OF HORROR – A SYMPHONY OF FILM THEORY (2020), had its international premiere shared between Torino and Cottbus. She has several projects in pre-production in both Estonia and Hungary, including an adaptation of The Island of Dr Moreau.



2003-2011 Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Arts, Art Theory & Media Research Institute
– Film Studies – MA
– Aesthetics – MA
2005-2008 Eötvös Loránd University, Pedagogy & Psychology Faculty
-Film studies teacher – MA

EP2C Post Production Workshop 2018
EAVE Producers Workshop 2016 (ösztöndíjjal)
INKUBÁTOR Program – Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap 2015
European Short Pitch 2014
Robert Bosch Co-Production Competition 2014
Kyoto Filmmakers Lab 2013
Sarajevo City of Film 2013
Berlinale Talents 2013
EuroConnection 2013 Clermont Ferrand
EAVE Film Marketing Workshop 2012 (ösztöndíjjal)
MAIA Marketing and Distribution Workshop 2012 (ösztöndíjjal)
SAVE OUR SCRIPTS 2011 Sarajevo Talents
2011 ENGAGE Program 2011



– English – nearly native
– German – basic


experimental short film, 16mm, s8, director: Peter Strickland
Synopsis: The repeated rituals of an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) online performer and her viewers.

Selected Festivals:
– San Sebastian International Film Festival 2020
– PÖFF Black Nights Film Festival – Rebels With A Cause 2020
– Uppsala Short Film Festival Sweden 2020
– Calgary International Film Festival, Canada 2020
– FilmFestival Cottbus 2020
– Vienna Shorts 2020
– London Short Film Festival 2020 – ASMR live event

seven-segment experimental feature film, directors: Péter Lichter, Bori Máté

Synopsis: The Philosophy of Horror – A Symphony of Film Theory is an abstract adaptation of Noël Carroll’s influential film theoretical book of the same title (published in 1990), which is a close examination of the horror genre. Our film uses hand painted and decayed 35 mm film strips of the classic slasher movie A Nightmare on Elm Street (Wes Craven, 1984) and its sequel A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985).

GUO4 (3’, HU-UK)
experimental short film, director: Peter Strickland
Synopsis: A confrontation between two swimmers in a locker room ends in tears. A collaboration with London-based musicians GUO.

Selected Festivals:
– Venice International Film Festival 2019
– BFI London Film Festival 2019 – Short Film Award Nominee
– Leeds Intl. Film Festival 2019 – Special Mention of the Jury
– PÖFF Black Nights Tallinn Film Festival 2019

experimental feature film, director: Péter Lichter

Synopsis: Experimental satire EMPTY HORSES documents an encounter between two very deceased film directors: Michael Curtiz shot more than 150 movies during Hollywood’s Golden Age, Gábor Bódy in contrast, was a pioneer of experimental filmmaking and film language. Our two spirits are locked in to the metaphysical screening room of their minds and struggle to make sense of their new reality. A prickly dialog plays out as they hold forth on life, work and art, while we are immersed in an associative collage of Hollywood classic and avant-garde imagery. Their anecdotes and personal dramas illuminate universal and contemporary questions of filmmaking, as the collective filmic memory washes over us.

Selected Festivals:
– International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020
– Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2019
– Imagince Science International Film Festival, New York, 2020

eight-segment horror anthology / segment: THE COBBLERS’ LOT (12’, HU-UK)
short film, directed by Peter Strickland

Synopsis: This global anthology of eight narratives explores dark folklore through a series of myths and tales that have captivated, galvanized and frightened communities throughout history.

Selected Festivals:
– SXSW 2018
– Sidney International Film Festival 2018
– Fantasia International Film Festival 2018

short documentary, directed by Patrick Bresnan

Synopsis: In the Florida Everglades rabbit hunting is considered a rite of passage for young men. The Rabbit Hunt follows seventeen year old Chris and his family as they hunt in the fields of the largest industrial sugar farms in the US. The film records a tradition by which migrant farm workers in the communities surrounding Lake Okeechobee have been hunting and preparing rabbits since the early 1900s.

Selected Festivals and Awards:
– Sundance Film Festival 2017
– Berlinale Shorts Competition 2017
– Karlovy Vary IFF 2017
– BFI London Film Festival 2017 – Short Film Award
– SXSW 2017 – Texas Jury Award