Best Visual World for Narancs Útlevél at 64. Függelten Filmfesztivál, 2019
Best 3D Film with immersive 3D sound at the International 3D Film Festival for Lost Place, Liège 2013
UP 3D AWARD of the Union of European 3D Producers for the most innovative 3D narrative in Europe for The Forbidden Girl, Münich 2012
Received Best Cinematographer Award for the film Ela at the International Short Film Festival: Eu cu CINE filmez?, Ploiesti 2011
Directed the Best Social Awareness Spot at Kodak Student Competition in Hungary in 2008 and 2009. Represented Hungary at the Golden Drum Festival Portoroz 2008, 2009.
Grand Prize at Coupe Icare France, Best Extreme film Award at Festival of Alpine films, Best film at the Torello Mountain Film Festival Spain etc. with the documentary Adrenaline and Turbulence 2008
Press Award at the FFEST Student Film festival for the film Eroul (The Hero) 2008
Best documentary film prize at the 3rd International Festival of Young Filmmakers, Miskolc and at the Prizma Film Festival, Budapest with the film My home Tarnabod 2006


Zsolt Magyari is a cinematic storyteller with a multidisciplinary background. He has contributed to the making of numerous fiction films and documentaries in Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, and Hungary as cinematographer (Government of Children, My life rehearsed in one leg, The cork justifies the means) and as stereographer (The Forbidden Girl, Lost Place, The blood we saw, A New Normal). He has directed music videos (for Seksendört, Tors), short films and documentaries (The Hero, Peking).
He has been guest lecturer of stereoscopic cinematography at Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, dffb Berlin, Filmakademie Baden Württemberg, SSR Manchester and is the co-founder of Stereographer Ltd. that creates high-end technology for stereoscopic filming.
He studied cinematography at the Romanian and Hungarian national film schools and has a M.Sc. degree in Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Geographical Information Systems from the Technical University of Budapest.


2005-2009 Diploma in Cinematography, National University of Theater and Film “I. L. Caragiale” Bucharest
2007-2008 CEEPUS scholarship, Cinematography University of Theater and Film Arts Budapest
2007 Observant, Budapest Cinematography Masterclass with Vilmos Zsigmond and Ragalyi Elemer
2009 Aristoteles Documentary Film Workshop Sibiel Documentary film workshop organized by ARTE and Romanian National TV Mentors: Thierry Garrel, Jennifer Fox, Raffi Pitts, Simon Brooks
1995-2003 Master of Science in Geoinformatics and Surveying Engineering Budapest University of Technology and Economics Final Thesis: 3D Digital Terrain Modeling and Digital Image processing.



Language skills

Hungarian, English, German, Romanian


Mintaapák, 2019, cinematographer TV series, 32 shows, TV2 IKO
The Whole Picture, 2019, cinematographer and stereographer, short, director Gyöngyi Fazekas
Orange Passport, 2019, cinematographer, short, director Gyöngyi Fazekas
Government of Children, 2019, cinematographer, documentary, director Ioana Mischie
A New Normal, 2019, stereographer short film, director Luzie Loose
My Life Rehearsed in One Leg, 2018, cinematographer and stereographer, feature film, director Bogdan Mustata
1984, 2018, director-cinematographer, documentary
Love Me, Fear Me, 2018 , stereographer consultant, stop motion animation short film, director Veronica Solomon
The Blood We Saw, 2017, stereographer, documentary, director Josephine Links
Tors: Hold Me, 2016, director-cinematographer, music video
Seksendört: Hangimiz, 2015, director-cinematographer, music video
Seksendört: Acemiler, 2015, director-cinematographer
De Ce Eu? / Why Me?, 2015, camera operator, 2nd unit cinematographer, feature film, director Tudor Giurgiu
Dopul Scuza Mijloacele, 2015, cinematographer, short film, director Mihai Ionescu
Szondi, 2015, cinematographer, director Krisztián Bárány
Lost Place, 2013, stereographer, feature film, director Thor Klein
Our Neighbors (Slovakia), 2013, cinematographer, documentary, director Ákos Zámborszki
The Forbidden Girl, 2012, stereographer, feature film, director Till Hastreiter
Snowleopard Gets Back on His Feet, 2011, camera operator, documentary, director András Kollmann
Opposite attractions: Beijing 2010 , director-cinematographer, documentary
Ela, 2009, cinematographer, short fiction, director Tudor Jurgiu
Adrenaline & Turbulance, 2009, cinematographer, documentary, director András Kollmann
Intimate headshot, 2008, camera operator, feature film, director Péter Szajki
The Bull, the Tiger and the Lion, 2008, cinematographer, short film, director Mihály Schwechtje
Eroul, 2007, short film director-cinematographer
Otthonom Tarnabod, 2005, cinematographer, documentary, director Eszter Hajdú