Vince Tompos

2010. Media studies at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University
Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Arts, Department of Communication and Media Studies, Journalism, Radio and Television Journalism Bachelor’s degree

Language skills

English, Italian


After completing my university studies, I joined Duna TV, where I worked as a reporter on several shows, including Kultikon. From the beginning of 2016, I worked as an editor at the M5 cultural and educational channel until December 2018. The following year I was the head of the video and portrait film editorial office of the Hungarian Academy of Arts MMA Publishing Nonprofit Ltd. At work, I do portrait films on a daily basis, so it was a good idea to cut myself into filming one day…

Selected Filmography

The recipe designer - 2020, 51'40"

Pál Somogyi’s work is characterized by the visual vision of his works, the search for creative solutions, as well as the far-reaching consideration and architectural demands of architectural aspects. The portrait film also feature his colleagues and the wife of a textile artist, who will present the Ferenczy Noémi Prize-winning interior designer with their own experience and vision.