Olivér Márk Tóth

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Olivér Márk Tóth has been working as a political journalist for 10 years, previously as a TV news editor, now as an online editor. In the fall of 2019, he launched a selection of documentaries called doku360 on hvg360, in which he is involved as the editor of the series. As a director, he has made two documentaries and several music videos so far.


Film címe: Outsiderek / Outsiders
Hossza: 75’
Gyártási év: 2017

The film presents the lives of four artists from Szentendre, whose careers have been accompanied by outsidership and a constant struggle against the political system of the socialist Hungary. The artists are united by a 40-year friendship that also endured that one of them had emigrated to New York 30 years ago. Their reunion revived old memories.

rendező: Tóth Olivér Márk
operatőr: Pigniczki István
hangmérnök: Kis Pál
vágó: Por Zoltán



A film címe: Kényszerpálya / Constraint
Hossza: 20’
Gyártási év: 2020

Zsolt was fired from a hungarian news channel after the owner sold the TV to a pro-government businessman. The 32 years old reporter then decided to give up journalism and learn a new profession. He enrolled in a computer programming course.

rendező: Tóth Olivér Márk
operatőr: Tóth Olivér Márk
hangmérnök: Szombath Máté
vágó: Tóth Olivér Márk