Oláh Kata




2018. Prix Europe jelölés (A Bármicvó Fiúk)
2019. Médiawave Fesztivál, a diákzsűri fődíja (A Bármicvó Fiúk)
2019. Magyar Filmdíj, legjobb vágó díj (Rotchild Klári legendái)
2019. BIDF rövid dokumentumfilm kategória fődíj (Mignon)
2020. Legjobb dokumentumfilm Magyar Filmdíj jelölés (Mignon)
2014. Kamera Korrektúra, dokumentumfilm kategória, 3. helyezett (A griff, a dámvad és a varjú)
2015. Média Mecenatúra, ismeret-terjesztőfilm kategória 2. helyezett (A griff, a dámvad és a varjú)


Kata Oláh is a producer and director. She started her career at the age of 14 as the host of the only local state channel’s weekly teenage show. Since then she has worked in several roles in the industry, mainly as a producer. She was the CEO and producer of Grundy International, producing game shows for RTL Club. She was the head of communication at the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation for five years till 2010. Since she started to focus on directing some of her documentary films have received national awards. Her first short fiction, En Passant (about domestic violence, made in documentary style) was screened at several international festivals and received several awards. Her first full-length documentary film, The Bar Mitzvah boys has been nominated to compete in the PRIX EUROPA 2018.


Magyar Filmakadémia

Angol – felsőfok



Selected Filmography

Narrow path to happiness 82’ – dokumentumfilm, 2022
Digitális nomádom 78’ – dokumentumfilm, 2020
Mignon 28’ – dokumentumfilm, 2019
A Bármicvó fiúk 74’ – dokumentumfilm, 2017
Beágyazott emlékeink 67’- dokumentumfilm, 2016
Helló, Szia, Csókolom 52’- dokumentumfilm, 2015
Hangjegyesek 50’ – dokumentumfilm, 2014
Romazsaruk 60’ – dokumentumfilm, HBO, 2010
Rotschild Klári legendái 52’, – ismeretterjesztő film, 2018
Mesterségem címere 50’, – ismeretterjesztő film, 2016
Asszonysorsok és nőszerepek az irodalomban – ismeretterjesztő sorozat, 2 x 26’, 2014
A Pannon kőtenger – ismeretterjesztő sorozat, 3 x 26’, 2013
A griff, a dámvad és a varjú – ismeretterjesztő sorozat, 3 x 25’, 2012




Selected Filmography


A coming-of-age story for two “boys” who are 70 years apart. They are both preparing for the greatest day of their lives: their Bar Mitzvah. For 13-year-old Shalom this is a natural event but for the 83-year-old Gyuri, it’s a dream 70 years in the making. Through their preparation for a spiritual celebration, the boy becomes the teacher and tries to restore the old man’s faith and trust. The innocent 13-year-old boy, Salom, is filled with dreams and hopes and reminds Gyuri of his own lost childhood.


Prix Europe nominee, Berlin, 2018
Médiawave Festival 2019, student jury main prize
Cinefest (Hungary) – 2018 premier
Benton Park Film Fest, London
Prix Europa Berlin – nominated for best Tv documentary
Médiawave Festival
Budapest Jewish Film Festival
Los Angeles Cinefest
Arlington International Film Festival
Ars Sacra Festival

MIGNON (2019)

Mignon is sweet, sweet as Marika. With her childlike soul, Marika lives to dance and dances to overcome her lost childhood.


short joy main prize, BIDF 2019
best documentary film nominee Hungarian Film Academy 2020
Budapest International Documentary Festival – BIDF
CinéDOC Tbilisi
Ciuadad del Este
Budha Int. Short Film Festival
Santa Cruz Int Fest
Madurai Int Fest
Great Message Film festival
One Film One Country
Blue Danube Festival
Eindhoven Short Film Festival
Ars Sacra Festival


In the 60’s, 70’s, during the so-called communist time there was a Grand Dame of the fashion industry in Budapest. Clara Rotschild was running a Paris style haute couture salon in the city. It is still an unsolved puzzle, what was her secret and the price of the same being able to maintain this exclusive position. She was neither an educated designer nor a cutter or a tailor, but in spite of it she was considered to be a genius of her field.


Best editor award for Kata Oláh by the Hungarian Film Academy, 2019
Ars Sacra Festival
Chicago Fashion Film Festival, 2020


An investigational documentary about the digital nomad lifestyle turns into an intimate conversation between mother and daughter over countries and years. Images from the family archive complete this mother-daughter relation portrait, a personal film that also raises universal themes about internal freedom, happiness, motherly responsibility, and everything in between.