Dér Asia

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CROSSING EUROPE Social Awareness Award – Best Documentary

Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer – Best Feature Documentary and Best Editing

26th Chéries-Chéris LMBTQ Film Festival, Paris – Jury Prize

6th Festival de Cine LGTBI – Audience Award and Special mention by the grand jury and the student jury

Asia Dér graduated as a documentary director from the DOCnomads MA program. Her graduation film was nominated for the best short film at the Hungarian Film Festival. She is doing her doctoral studies at the SZFE (University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest) Her first feature (co directed with Sári Haragonics) Her Mothers premiered at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival and was shown at more the 30 film festivals world wide. Her second feature length documentary, I won’t die, will premier in 2023. She participated with her films at ZagrebDox Pro, DOCCIRCLE, the Docu Rough Cut Boutique. She is a presidium member of the Hungarian Documentary Association and part time teacher at freeSZFE.


2018- University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest – doctoral studies
2012-2014. documentary director MA at Docnomads MA program
2008-2012 Media studies at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University

2017. Zagreb Dox Pro
2017. East Doc Platform
2019. Docu Rough Cut Boutique
2019. Dok Preview at Dok Leipzig
2021. Cannes Marche du Film


Language skills
English, Slovak, German, Spanish


Selected Filmography

Nem halok meg / I Won't Die (2023)

documentary, 92 mins (Match Frame Production)

Gábor, a life loving art gallery owner, gets pancreatic cancer. The chance ofsurvival is only 5%, still he takes his illness as an opportunity to face his long suppressed existential questions and redefine his life.

Excpected release in 2023.

Anyáim története / Her Mothers (2020)

coodirector Sári Haragonics, documentary, 75 mins, 2020. (Campfilm, HBO Europe, Match Frame Productions)

In this intimate tale of love and freedom, a lesbian couple struggle to create a family through adoption and to define their roles in motherhood, in the  increasingly radicalized Hungary.

HotDocs Canadian International Festival – Persister programme
Sarajevo Film Festival -Main competition
Hamburg International Queer Film Festival
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
Listapad Minsk International Film festival
East silver market, Jihlava
DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival
Official competition
15th International Female Film Festival Malmö Sweden – official program
Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer
Nepatogus Kinas / Inconvenient Films
Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz
23rd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (2021)
Top Docs Section

A magunk módjára üvölteni / Howling like we do (2022)

documentary, 90 minutes, (KerekesFilm, Eclipse Film)

Can an independent thinker and artist change society?
Lajos Kassák was a self-educated working-class poet, a father of Hungarian Avant-garde, leftist thinker who believed in the revolutionary power of art.
The film confronts Kassák’s revolutionary, deeply human dilemmas with contemporary Hungarian and Slovak artists searching for their place in the radicalizing eastern european political climate. The film shows glimps from the life of a young artist working in a left-wing bar, a world traveler performance artist, an autodidact roma painter and an elderly artist who was a feminist symbol in the 70s.

Cinema release in Slovakia – September 2022.
Verzió International Film Festival, Budapest – Special Mention

Visszahúz a múlt- Ember Judit portréja / Burdened by the past - portrait of Judit Ember (2017)

portrait documentary, 60 mins, 2017. Match Frame Productions

Judit Ember was an artist and sociologist. Her childhood experiences made her a sensitive person who grasps the complexity of social conditions in an emphatic way, yet her films were banned from screening in socialist Hungary and did not get to be seen by broad audiences. Her body of work transpires a strong personality who takes an unaccustomed path, challenges status quo, and was deeply concerned with human suffering. Asia Dér creates a deep and punctual film about Judit Ember, a filmmaker who did not compromise neither as an artist nor as a person. The film is seeking an answer to a difficult question: what is the price of artistic truth? How was someone able to make films in the 1970-80s in a way that they are more actual today than ever? (Mihály Kornis)

TV premier: 2017. 

2017. Verzió International Human rights festival, Budapest
2017. Hungarian Film Week, Budapest
2017. Ars Sacra Filmfestival

A Dona da Ilha (2015)

A Dona da Ilha (A sziget úrnője), dokumentumfilm, 26 perc, 2015. (DOCnomads)
Mariapaola decides to retire to a small island in the South of Portugal, after a flamboyant life full of travel and occupations.
But will she be able to fight her own restless soul and live the silent, isolated life of a proper retired woman?

2016. Finnougric Filmfestival, Estonia
2016. Hungarian Film Week
2015. FIDE, Brasil

Levelek Anyámtól / Letters from Mom (2016)

 experimental documentary, 11 mins, 2016. (DOCnomads)

‘Letters from Mom’ is an exploration about the time spent in the womb. How does this mysterious connection between the mother and the baby work?

A young, pregnant girl writes a diary. She addresses her future child, herself and her far away family. Fears, doubts and serenity come up. The voice of the mother together with the outside world penetrate more and more the foetus’s isolated existence.

2016. Hungarian film week
2016. Mediawave Festivál
2016. Cronograf film festival, Moldova
2016. FIDE, Paris
2016. FIDE, Bralis
2016. Strangloscope experimental film festival, Portugal
2015. 61. Hungarian Indipendent film festival
2015. Montevideo Student film festival
2015. BUDOKU – Budapest Documentary film festival
2015. East Silver Market, Jihlava