Hernádi Ambrus

Screened at DOCNYC, 2019

2019 The New School, Documentary Film Studies, New York
2012 MA Film Studies, ELTE, Budapest
2009 BA Aesthetics, PTE, Pécs

Ambrus Hernádi is a filmmaker from Budapest, Hungary. He obtained his Master’s degree in Film Studies and then worked for six years as a Camera Assistant next to many renowned directors and cinematographers. His broad experience and socially sensitive interest led him to finish The New School’s Documentary Studies program and to develop his own projects. His main interest is to tell personal stories of people whose modes of self-expression are absorbed in a genuine atmosphere. Throughout this kind of examination, Ambrus thrives to blend the theoretical knowledge of filmmaking and narrative techniques with the practical skills he had gained working behind the camera.


Language Skills:

Hungarian – native language
English – advanced
German – intermediate
Magyar – anyanyelv
Angol – felsőfok
Német – középfok


Selected Filmography

Pat’s Boys, documentary short, 20’, 2019
Pat’s Boys is about three brothers who are running a petrol and service station in Queens. The station was founded by their Irish father who taught the brothers to be hard workers and proud Americans. The film aims to unfold the American working class experience in the light of today’s media and its effects on everyday life. It examines this unique working environment as a home to discussing economic and global issues, the question of migration, and evolves around the representation of a family legacy. To what extent does the American perspective change the core identity of this legacy and of migration on a whole?