Visky Ábel

2019 – University of Theater and Film Arts, Budapest; doctoral studies DLA
2015 – 2017 University of Theater and Film Arts, Budapest; film- and television directing MA (head teacher: Ildikó Enyedi)
2011 – 2014 University of Theater and Film Arts, Budapest; film- and television directing BA (head teachers: János Szász, Attila Janisch)
2006 – 2010 – Sapientia University of Transylvania, Cluj; Photo, film, media department BA

Filmography, festivals, awards

Tales from the Prison Cell, documentary feature, 80 min., 2020., Proton Cinema

Tales from the Prison Cell is a creative documentary about the relationship between fathers in prison and their children at home. In addition to the focus of presenting three incarcerated fathers, we gain insight into the changed lives of their families and children. As we become familiar with their daily lives, we witness the distance and even the closeness that grows between the inmates and their families. As a way of keeping contact, the inmates write fairy tales for their kids which we then make into films with the children playing the lead roles. The stories convey messages that the fathers have come to see as basic truths during the

Fipadoc Nemzetközi Dokumentumfilmfesztivál, Franciaország (versenyfilm) / Fipadoc International Documentary Festival, France (in competition)
Hot Docs Nemzetközi Dokumentumfilmfesztivál, Kanada / Hot Docs International Film Festival, Canada
Buenos Aires Nemzetközi Dokumentumfilmfesztivál, Argentína (versenyfilm) / Buenos Aires International Documentary Festival, Argentina (in competition)
Sao Paolo Nemzetközi Filmfesztivál, Brazília (versenyfilm) / Sao Paolo International Film Festival, Brazil (in competition)
Dokufest Nemzetközi Rövid- és Dokumentumfilmfesztivál, Koszovó (versenyfilm) / Dokufest International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kosovo (in competition)
Gdansk Doc Film Festival, Lengyelország (versenyfilm) / Gdansk Doc Film Festival, Poland (in competition)
Olympia Nemzeközi Gyerek- és Ifjúsági Filmfesztivál, Görögország (versenyfilm) / Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, Greece (in competition)
GZDOC Nemzetközi Dokumentumfilmfesztivál, Kína (versenyfilm) / GZDOC International Documentary Festival, China (in competition)

Romanian sunrise – short fiction, 18 min., 2015. Univesity of Theater and Film Arts, Budapest – Proton Cinema

FFEST International Short Film Festival, Cluj, Romania – main prize
Busho Internațional Short Film Festival, Budapest – special award of the jury
Trieste International Short Film Festival, Italy (in competition)
Augbagne International Short Film Festival, France (in competition )
Alter-Native International Short Film Festival (in competition)

Playfellows – short fiction, 18 min., 2014., University of Film and Theater Arts, Budapest

Friss Hús International Short Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary – best director
Fest – New Directors, New Films International Film Festival, Espinho, Portugal – special award of the jury
Watersprite International Student Film Festival, England – best director
Cinema Jove International Short Film Festival, Valencia, Spain (official selection)
Busho International Short Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary (official selection)
First Step Film Festival, Tirana, Albania (official selection)
Brno16 International Short Film Festival, Czech Republic (official selection)