Zoltán Török



Lemming – A messzi észak aprócska ura (Lemming – The Little Giant Of The North)
Best Nature Film, Vertical Moscow, Russia, 2019
Best Natural History Film, Wildlife Vaasa, Finland, 2018
Grand Prix, Gran Paradiso Film Festival, Italy, 2018
Best Wildlife Film, The Bird and Nature Festival, France, 2018
Best Wildlife Film, Sunchild International Film Festival, Armenia, 2017
Best Director, Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, Estonia, 2017
Best Film, Animal Behavior Film Festival, USA, 2017
Grand Prix, Save And Preserve Film Festival, Russia, 2017
Best Nature Film, International Nature Film Festival, Gödöllő, Hungary, 2017
Everglades – A vízjárta vadon (The Everglades – A Watery Wilderness)
Nominated in Animal Behaviour Category, Wildscreen, UK, 2016
Audience Award, Ekofilm Festival, Czech Republic, 2016
Audience Award, Baikal International Festival of Documentary, Russia, 2016
Student Jury Award, Sondrio Film Festival, Italy, 2015
Grand Prix, Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, Estonia, 2015
Vad Magyarország – A vizek birodalma (Wild Hungary – A Water Wonderland)
Best Cinematography, Festival Nature Namur, Belgium, 2012
Grand Prix, GreenVision International Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2011
Best Nature Film, Ekotopfilm, Slovakia, 2011
Best Documentary about Protected Areas, Sondrio Film Festival, Italy, 2011
Nominated in the Best Wildlife Habitat category, Jackson Wildlife Film Festival, USA, 2011
Best Scientific and Popular Film, Agrofilm, Slovakia, 2011
Best Nature Film, Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, Estonia, 2011
Best Camera, Naturvision, Germany, 2011
Grand Prix, Hungarian Wildlife Film Festival, 2011


ELTE geográfus szak (1997)
Documentary Masterschool (2003)

Language skills

English, Swedish, Russian


Zoltan Török grew up in rural Hungary where he spent most of his teenage years tramping in the nearby swamps and hiking in the forests with a photo then with a video camera. Actually, a while later this became his job…
For two decades he has been producing wildlife films and nature related documentaries in various roles, as director, cameraman and producer, hoping that his stories can change the world maybe a tiny little bit. His films have been awarded close to hundred times on various film festivals, they generated high ratings on television world-wide and million views on youtube. He lives in Sweden where he enjoys the cold and dark winters and the long summer days alike, while preparing for the next film project about the natural world.

Selected Filmography

Wild Horses – A Tale From The Puszta 88’ (2021)

Feature-length documentary about the wild horses and the wildlife of the Hungarian plains.
Azara Film / Doclights NDR Naturfilm / Terra Mater Factual Studios coproduction with the support of the National Film Institute, Hungary.
Commissioning tv channels: NDR, WDR, Servus TV, SVT.
For theatrical release in Hungary. 

Lemming – The Little Giant Of The North 50’ (2017)

Meet the Norway lemming, probably the most misunderstood animal of Scandinavia which in spite of his tiny size has a huge impact on the Nordic nature.
Wild Tales Productions / Doclights NDR Naturfilm copro
Commissioning tv channels: NDR, ARTE, WDR, SVT, ORF

Wild Hungary – A Water Wonderland 52’ (2011)

Azara Film / Doclights NDR Naturfilm koprodukció
Commissioning tv channels: NDR, ARTE
Theatrical release in Hungary.


Everglades – A watery wilderness 50’ (2015)

Wild Tales Productions / National Geographic
Commissioning tv channels: NatGeo Wild, NDR
Nature documentary about the iconic national park of the USA featuring a lovely alligator female in the leading role.